2 ladies, no fear !! rain forest targets. Nov 2017

http://2 ladies, no fear !! rain forest targets. Nov 2017

Linda Carlberg and Anna Lena came back to CR for second time together. These two brave ladies wanted to have their bins on some new birds and areas they did not explore last time in Feb 2017.  Linda and Anna are the kind of birders and nature lovers that enjoy all kind of wild life and general nature experiences. I love when they said: «Carlos no presure, all we can get, we will enjoy it» .  Linda and Anna are super nice poeple and trust me they will be at any time, any trial, rain,etc.

Visited regions: Sarapiqui, Caño Negro, Arenal volcano, Tenorio, North pacific Ensenada Lodge. All low land species from rain forest and dry forest plus wetlands and middle elevation forest in Tenorio.

We had 310 species. The top targets: Yellow breasted Crake, Nicaraguan Grackle, Nicaraguan Seed-finch, Crested owl, Snowy Cotinga, Lesser yellow headed Vulture, White tipped Sicklebill, Snowcap, Black crested Coquette,Sungrebe, Spot breasted Wren.Great green Macaw, Lesser ground Cuckoo, Keel billed Motmot, Dull manted Antbird, Bare crowned Antbird and Marbled Godwit.

Thank you Linda and Anna, I really enjoyed this trip with you.

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