David Larssen and Robert Adamo. Feb 11-19th, The owl and Potoo encounter

I designed a program from Feb 11th to 19th, 2016 for David and Bob, two retired friends from USA.

Both of them had been previously in Costa Rica so we wanted to increase their list, places like Poás Volcano, Sarapiqui, Caño Negro and Arenal volcano were put together to keep short driving distances among places but also David had never stayed on these places before so I knew many species were new for him and also for Bob.

The winning area this time goes for: Caño Negro; all the kingfishers of CR in one day plus several great birds like Yellow breasted crake, Pied puffbird, Sungrebe, Black collared Hawk, etc..Very few times one area can defeat La Selva but it happened!!.

Even with hot temperatures and a lot of rain at Observatory Lodge, these two gentlemen took an amazing amount of hard species in their pockets..

The Best Moment:  I took Bob and David at night on Caño Negro to look for Common Potoo, well we saw it perched really clear, even we scoped it, while the potoo was calling, we saw a black figure that came down, right in front of us a beautiful Black and White Owl decided to stay in the middle!! was wonderful..very nice surprise..

The best species:

Barred Hawk Northern Harrier
Thicket Anpitta Jabiru
Black crested Coquette Yellow breasted Crake
Pied Puffbird Pinnated Bittern
Great green Macaw Least Bittern
Snowy Cotinga Nicaraguan Grackle
Sungrebe Resplendent Quetzal
Common Potoo Crested Owl
Great Potoo Black and white Owl
American Pygmy Kingfisher Vermiculated Screech-Owl
Red headed Barbet Spectacled Owl

Total seen: 295 sps..


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