David Larssen, take 4 CR, target trip. Feb 2018

David Larssen, take 4 CR, target trip. Feb 2018

This amazing man came back for 4th time with me in CR. I know how much he loves birds, pushing him self despite back and knees problems, he goes wherever is needed to for his targets and this man was decided to wipe out some species remaining in Sarapiqui, Poás Volcano and Highlands of San Gerardo Dota.

Having one week we packed our binoculars, scope, camera and the best spirit.

Our list went up to almost 200 sps. I gotta say one of my favorite moments is when I saw that snowy cotinga while driving, David´s most wanted target, we were almost giving up after 2 days looking around, going to especifc areas to see it, all of them failed. I remember one location where my wife Maribel saw it a few months ago, then in my positive thinking we drove there and banggggg, a white unmistakable bird perched on top of  a tree possibly half a mile away from the road ( yes I still dont believe it ). My second electrifying moment: Bare shanked Screech Owl and Dusky Nightjar together!! Thanks God, that was amazing.


some of the top targets:

Slaty breasted Tinamou, Barred Hawk, Green fronted Lancebill, Vermiculated Screech Owl, Snowcap, Ochraceous Pewee, Dark Pewee, Buffy tuftedcheeck, Yellow eared Toucanet, Collared Trogon, Red headed Barbet, Spotted woodquails, Silvery fronted Tapaculo, Golden bellied Flycatcher


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