FEB, 2018. 4 friends for birds and Nature

Guy and Jeanne Lawrence. Christian and Karin Roth.

I had the placer to lead a trip for Neblina Forest, this time 4 friends came to explore for first time Costa Rica.

Amazing people, all of them share their enthusiasm for nature. One week to travel. Regions: Sarapiqui, Carara and Highlands of San Gerardo de Dota. The best of one week to see different habitats like: Transitional dry forest, coast line, low land wet forest, paramo and cloud forest of high lands.

All of them were so friendly and passioned for nature, that was inspiring. Besides birds all possible animals and general overview of nature and culture were reasons for their trip.

Thank you amigos, you are that nice people we want for our trips, help to conserve nature, interested and giving.

Hope we meet again


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