Mach 17th– April 6th 2015


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Tim (on the ground) Steve (left standing) John (right standing) watching 2 Spotted Wood-Quails

I had the pleasure to lead a great target trip with Tim, John and Steve. Three fantastic and avid birders from England, having 20 effective birding days we went out to get some of the most elusive birds of Costa Rica, plus some of regular targets that were part of the journey. I created a program according what they needed; some birds were skipped since some regions were too far to get one or two birds or negative possibilities for some species seen few times during the last 50 years.

One important part of the trip was based to see all cotingas of CR (except for Rufous Piha and Purple throated Fruit-Crow already in their seen list). I´m glad to say WE FOUND THEM!!!

We had a 4 wheel drive car and I was driving, all lodges were small to give a convenient budget price, these places were out of the regular hotels we normally stay at. It´s one of the benefits to travel with a local birding guide where we are flexible and not overpriced as many international companies are.

Blessed with great weather conditions for good part of the trip, empty trails in many areas and few places were typically touristy as Monteverde and Arenal Volcano, considering we had this trip during high season.

Some of the best species seen in this program:


Bare-necked Umbrellabird. Buffy crowned Wood-partridge
Lovely Cotinga Yellow eared Toucanet
Snowy Cotinga Black breasted Wood-quail
Yellow billed Cotinga Silvery fronted Tapaculo
Three -wattled Bellbird Bare crowned Antbird
Turquoise Cotinga Ochraceous Pewee
Yellow breasted Crake Azure hooded Jay
Central American Pygmy-Owl Costa Rican pygmy-owl
Slaty breasted Tinamou Thicket Antpitta
Highland Tinamou Nicaraguan Grackle
Wrenthrush Great Potoo
Black checked Ant-Tanager Great green Macaw
Buff fronted Quail-Dove Sooty faced Finch
Purplish backed Quail-Dove Striped owl
Spotted Wood-quail Bare shanked Screech Owl
Cabanis´s Ground Sparrow (Prevost´s) Dusky Nightjar
Mangrove Vireo Keel billed Motmot

Even when all these are amazing birds, my favorite Ochre breasted Antpitta!! We had wonderful views of 2 individuals, about 2 meters high in a little tree.

Special recognition to Central American Pygmy Owl and Bare necked Umbrellabird, really hard work to be seen. Two memorable battles and we saw them.

Visited Areas:

Rincón de Osa, Perez Zeledon, San Gerardo de Dota, Irazú volcano, Tapantí, central Caribbean, Sarapiquí, , Caño Negro, Arenal volcano, Tenorio, San Gerardo Monteverde, Monteverde, North Pacific.

Even when this was a target trip, we scored 470 sps. Usually general 20 day programs give over 500 sps.


Carlos Luis Jiménez

Birding Guide, Ave Nativa Travel.


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