Storm with Maple, Macaws and quail doves. Nov 18th-26th,2016

Diana and Rick Werezak.

Great amigos from Canada, we had a very nice trip of 9 days.

Carara, San Gerardo de Dota, Sarapiquí, Arenal and Monteverde were the selected locations. Birds from central pacific, north caribbean, high lands, north zone. Besides avian fauna, sloths, monkeys, peccaries, coatis, snakes, frogs and more wild life were part of this trip.

The black spot along our journey was the huricane that affected part of CR´s north zone. Even when we had lots of rain whiile we were in Sarapiqui we still saw lots of birds and other animals.

The good spirit was all around us and we had a super good trip.

The winning area: CARARA..

The best bird: Olive backed Quail Dove, we found at least 5 slow walking individuals at La Selva OTS station, covered under the leaves of aroid plants..

Very special species: Great green Macaw, Rudy quail Dove, Quetzal, Red headed Barbet, Royal Flycatcher, Russet Antshike, Dark Pewee, Magenta throated Woodstar, Cape May Warbler, Streak chested Anpitta.

Gracias Rick and Diana..mi casa es su casa..!

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