Todd Sahl, Puma Tour, Dec 19th-Jan 4th

Todd is a great and avid birder, fit and able to walk difficult terrains. We had two weeks of birding from early mornings to dusk, also he learned pretty well the id pages of Garrigues´ Book.

One rule was clear, I´d find him the birds and take him to the hotspots but he would call the ID. That was tottally new for me and sometimes  I called the id of some birds spontaneuosly since my rutine. I got to say Tood did a great job telling the IDs of the species we found, I was so amazed with his memory and enthusiasm that we barely ate our meals to maximize time on the birds and general fauna.

The best moment: We faced a slow walking PUMA!!! 10 feet away from us at La Selva right before dusk, after that adrenaline shock we had a Vermiculated Schreech Owl eye level in the same place!!! Amazing, Tood I will never forget that moment amigo!!

We scored 452 sps, the best species:

Striped Owl Great green Macaw
Sunbittern Resplendent Quetzal
Vermiculated Screech Owl Nightingale Wren
Great Potoo Red headed Barbet
Snowcap Emerald Toucanet
Olive backed Quail Dove Fiery billed Araccari
Ruddy Quail Dove Inmaculated Antbird
Streaked chested Antpitta
Tawny chested Flycatcher

Todd also added these:

In addition to the birds you list, here are a few more of my favorites:
Both Puffbirds
All the Motmots
The Magenta-throated Woodstar, Violet-headed Hummingbirds, and Crowned Woodnymphs.
The pools at Rancho and Carara
The antswarms at Carara
The Black-facedd Antthrush at Carara
The display by the Stripe-tailed Hermit to the Long-billed Hermit
The Puma
The Howler Monkeys coming across the bridge at La Selva
Pygmy-tyrants (2), Tody-Flycatchers (3), and Spadebills (3)
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